You BECOME who you associate with.

We are building a community filled with Mentors, who have fully recovered from some form of disordered eating, and Mentees, who are ready to recover. Walking through recovery alone is hard. And you shouldn’t have to do it. Apply to get matched with or become an eating disorder mentor.

With over 30 million suffering from eating disorders in America and 70 million worldwide, we are able to pair you with someone who has faced similar challenges and circumstances.Depending on your match, you’ll be invited to a secret, private FB group. There, mentors and mentees can interact, discussing struggles and possible solutions. Role modeling and mentoring has been proven to help others change habits and their lives. It can shift your belief patterns and light your path for recovery.

We’ll do our best to match you on the following:

1) type of disordered eating

2) life circumstances (i.e. in school, pregnant, a gymnast, mom, etc)

3) location/time zone

4) other mental illnesses

5) parental or familial concerns

6) past trauma

7) gender

We only work with those committed to finding freedom from disorered eating. If you are looking for a customized plan for your binge and emotional eating cycle, the find a professional coach to guide you through on a daily basis. Consider and apply for Food & Wellness Coaching. However, if you are already receiving treatment or looking for additional support to give you that extra boost, then please apply. YOU are important and worthy. YOU can and WILL recover.

If you have recovered from an eating disorder and want to help others, we want to hear from YOU. Most mentors are naturally empathetic with a high level of emotional intelligence. You’ve learned what worked for you and what didn’t and also know that others may have a totally different recovery path from you. If you want to literally save a life, then please apply as a mentor. We’ll be in touch.

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