You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction.

Everyone is different and no eating disorder is the same. It’s time the approach to eating disorder recovery match the individual and his or her unique challenges. With so many eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, EDNOS, orthorexia, Pica, etc… the approach to recovery needs to be completely customized to your situation and to your unique gifts. This is why an eating disorder recovery coach is so valuable.

Recovery is your journey and you deserve a REAL action plan that will empower you and move you towards freedom. An eating disorder coach will help you define where you want to go and where you are today. Then, together you will create the bridge to get you there.

You want a coach who knows what you are going through, who has FULLY recovered and can offer tangible results. Women have found FREEDOM using this 12-week coaching program and you will too. Here is what you can expect:

1) Action plan: stop guessing your way to recovery. You need a real plan. Your plan starts Week 1 as you work through the 12-week workbook designed to give you total freedom. Your coach is their to guide you and customize your plan.

2) Your future:  we will focus on the present and future, not the past. Sometimes it is helpful to get context from the past and identify, accept or heal that pain. However, we’ll accept the here and now, define your desired outcome and develop a strategy on how to get there.

3) Accountability: A key piece to recovery is knowing you are supported and someone is in your corner. Clients say that having the accountability to a coach and having access to email or message their coach any time of day is a game changer. Your coach will celebrate your victories with you and help you let go of strategies that aren’t working for you. 

4) Your voice: we focus on discovering your voice again. You will play a key role in determining your recovery action plan. No one knows YOU like you do. Your coach will encourage you to hear and trust your intuition.

5) Growth & Progress: you will learn a NEW of recovering and take action! Sometimes you will be pushed, but it won’t be anything you can’t handle. You will look back and be proud of your journey in learning to love yourself again and in discovering your freedom.

Eating disorder coaches work one-on-one with those completely committed to taking those next steps towards recovery. If you’re ready to love yourself again, live a life free of ED and of the disordered thoughts, then please apply and schedule your call today.

Lindsay offers one-time coaching sessions ONLY for family members or loved ones, not for those struggling with eating disorders. To fully serve those in ED recovery, Lindsay believes the individual needs to commit to the 12-week program. Support sessions with loved ones will help them support their family member or friend. If you think your family may be interested, please have them reach out to Lindsay directly.

For any of the family / loved one coaching sessions, please include the subject: ‘Family Support’ email:

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