If you really want to stop, you’ll find a way.
If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Wellness and Food Freedom
Individual Coaching

Partnering with a Food and Wellness Coach will empower you to move further, faster in healing your relationship with food and your body. Food and wellness coaching is for those who are ready to say goodbye to stress eating, binge eating, emotional eating and disordered eating forever. With a coach, you’ll learn to love the body you’re in and make peace with food.

There is NO one-size-fits-all approach to stop emotional, stress and binge eating. If there was, you wouldn’t be here! This is good news! There are many paths to making peace with food and your body. Your wellness coach will help you find YOUR path. Diets won’t work. They feel forced, lead to restriction and bingeing. You need a plan that draws from your motivation and strengths.

Are you ready to leave the darkness of discorded eating and find food freedom? Apply here and schedule your FREE call below with Lindsay to learn more about food and wellness coaching.

Break the Behaviors
Group Coaching

Lindsay offers group coaching for those who want connection & community while walking this path. Break the Behaviors is a transformative 8-week program. You will have access to some of the materials used in 1:1 coaching, while walking alongside a group of powerful women.

The quickest way to heal your relationship with food and body is to work with someone who has been where you are and achieved the results you want. Women who have worked with Lindsay in her Wellness & Food Freedom program have had incredible results of transformation, food FREEDOM, loving the skin they’re in, and liking WHO they are.

If you are ready to show up, commit to yourself and commit to an amazing group of women, apply here and book your FREE call below to learn more about group coaching.

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Individual and group wellness coaching are available to those committed to transforming their behaviors and habits. If you’re ready to love yourself again, find food freedom and live free of shameful thoughts, then schedule your breakthrough call.

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