Recovery motivation delivered
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Eating Disorder Recovery Gift Box

What you get?

Every 3 months, you receive an eating disorder recovery gift box made specifically for those in recovery. The box contains a mix of recovery items designed to keep you motivated and working towards freedom. The most inspirational, thoughtful and useful gifts will arrive when you need it most.


Two reasons. First, over the years, loved ones of those with ED’s have written us. They’ve asked how to help. Oftentimes, we struggle to say the right words. Send a gift of healing instead. Second, Lindsay struggled with an eating disorder for seven years. The care packages she received, while intentioned, were always triggering. This box is what Lindsay wish she received.

What else?

1% of box proceeds will be donated to NEDA annually. Each box comes with a blank card and a pre-addressed envelope. Write an encouraging note to YOURSELF 3 months from now. The letter will arrive with your next box.

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Recovery box delivered 4x per year for $49 per box. FREE shipping (U.S. only).


Receive a gift box for $55. FREE shipping (U.S. only).

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