A dear friend once said to me, “what does your soul need?” This has been a guiding question for my life every time I’m feeling stuck or out of control.

My name is Kate, and I’m so glad you’re opening yourself to the possibility to answer this question – without judgment or expectations. I found myself entrenched in a severe eating disorder as I started to leave high school, quickly landing myself in a treatment facility. Recovery was an up and down journey (sometimes feeling like flying and sometimes feeling like drowning) but with so much support from my family, my closest friends, and dozens of professionals, I started to get some traction in 2014. It wasn’t until I truly started to listen to the wisdom I had within me that I started to find and hold onto freedom from my eating disorder. Since then, I’ve been committed to using my life to spread more awareness around eating disorders, canceling diet culture, and empowering people to embrace themselves exactly as they are.

Today, I’m a wife, daughter, sister, dog-mom, yoga instructor, and adventurer. My recovery has given me the freedom to show up in my relationships in a way that I always dreamed of. I wanted to be “normal,” but through recovery, I’ve found that being exactly who I am is the most perfect version of normal for me.

I’ll show you exactly how to tap into that freedom that we all long to feel.