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An eating disorder coach can’t

convince you freedom exists

But they can show you so you

can experience it for yourself

Lindsay is a TED and NEDA Speaker, featured on the Today Show, and offers eating disorder coaching through her team of eating disorder recovery coaches

Food Peace in 16-Weeks

Do you struggle with emotional or binge eating or find yourself turning to food to cope with stress, boredom or overwhelm, you’re not alone. It’s exhausting and feels like you need more willpower to undo the habitual behavior. At OED, we’ve seen hundreds find total freedom from BED. In the OED Food Peace program, your recovery coach will guide you step by step and eating will feel effortless again. You may tell yourself “it’s not that bad,” but if you’re here, you want help. You deserve to have an easy relationship with food and your body. You can find that through eating disorder coaching.

Do you struggle with bulimia? So have many of our coaches. It may feel like you’ll never be free. Typically the pattern for bulimia looks something like this: you wake up telling yourself you will eat healthy. You restrict or wait as long as possible to eat. When you finally do eat, that gives way to binge behaviors. Then you’re anticipating what food you’ll order or eat next. It’s followed by overwhelming guilt and shame. Finally, you’ll tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day. Only the same behaviors happen again and again. If you are stuck in this cycle, your ED Recovery Coach can get you OUT.

Maybe you struggle with anorexia or another restrictive disorder. You have food rules and feel anxious about eating. Perhaps you feel obsessed with counting calories, measuring food or weighing yourself. Coach Heidi struggled with this for years. She tried traditional forms of treatment and they didn’t work. Ultimately she completed the OED Food Peace Program in 16-weeks. Months later she couldn’t believe she was still solid and eating with ease. Like Heidi, many of our coaches were once just like you. Feeling like freedom wasn’t possible. Not only did they do the Food Peace Program and find freedom, but they felt compelled to complete the OED Recovery Academy training program so they could offer their services to others.

Free ED Support Group

Recovery is expensive and often inaccessible. It’s important to us at OED to offer something affordable. One of our expert coaches, Coach Beverly, leads this weekly group. It’s one of the most powerful communities I’ve ever seen. Best friends have been formed and we’ve seen recovery in action. The support group is a place to start but not a place to stay. We recommend the eating disorder support group as a first step or to supplement your existing team. You shouldn’t have to do this work alone. Sign up to receive the weekly Zoom details.

Parent Coaching

Your child is struggling with an eating disorder. You feel helpless watching them suffer and know there must be something you can do. OutshiningED coaching helps parents create a safe space for their children to talk to them, gives parents the DOs and DONTs and most importantly, parents will feel confident helping their child navigate eating disorder recovery. To book a parent coaching session with Coach Lindsay, you can do so here. If you are interested in learning about our OED 1:1 Coaching Services for your child, book a free consultation with Lindsay here. Finally, for more resources to help your child, please join our parent community. By signing up below, you’ll get access to workshops, our exclusive parent Facebook support group and other helpful resources.

2-Actions Tuesday

Feel like traditional treatment isn’t working for you? Need a recovery action plan? Sign up for a new and refreshing approach to eating disorder recovery and improve your relationship with food and your body. Each week, on Tuesday, your eating disorder recovery coach will email you two effective actions to improve your relationship with food. Bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually DOING it. After all, you don’t need more knowledge on nutrition or eating disorders. You need to apply what you know. Both our 1:1 coaching and 2-Action Tuesdays will help you take action. 

Eating Disorders

30 million people in the U.S. (70 million worldwide) having eating disorders. The current approach to eating disorder recovery is discouraging for those who are seeking help. Eating disorder coaching is a new, effective approach and is endorsed by renowned ED therapists. Eating disorder recovery coaching provides external accountability until internal motivation is cultivated.

Both 1:1 eating disorder coaching and digital eating disorder recovery coaching are available through OutshiningED. These programs can be done comfortably from your own home and at your own pace. Your eating disorder coach will support and guide you while you make progress and feel understood.


You deserve to be heard, seen and helped.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

Asking for help makes you well.

Disclaimer: OutshiningED offers disordered eating, binge eating and emotional eating recovery coaching services. This is not a substitute for clinical or inpatient treatment. We do not provide psychotherapy, counseling or nutritional advice.