Virtual Eating Disorder Support Group


I’ve led an eating disorder support group in Austin, TX for years. I often get asked if there are support groups in other cities. The answer is now… YES!


Support groups play a vital role in recovery! Mostly you get to actually open up and talk about it with people who GET YOU. No more walking through recovery alone. If you’re craving community with others who want to break free, then this support group is for you.


I’ve been listening. By far, the requests I hear most often from those who want help with eating disorders are:


~ sense of community so you don’t feel isolated and alone


~ a place where you feel seen & understood by others who ‘get it’


~ affordable: no need to fork over thousands of dollars to get quality care


~ flexible options so you can remain home, with family or at school


~ support for a broader age range. not everyone with an ED is in their 20s


~ treatment near where YOU live. you want ED treatment near your home


Please watch this video to see what the virtual ED support group is all about.

Virtual Eating Disorder Support Group

How to Join

It’s simple. Give me your info here & I’ll send you the details!


You’re also always welcome to email me with questions –

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