Eating Disorder Picture of HSP Girl
Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lindsay / April 3, 2019

3 Tips For A Highly Sensitive Person With An Eating Disorder

Are you a highly sensitive person?   Many of my eating disorder clients who identify as a highly sensitive person...

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eating disorder holiday tips on thanksgiving
Relationship with Food
By Lindsay / November 12, 2018

Eating Disorder Holiday Tips

Surviving Holidays with an Eating Disorder Surviving holidays with an eating disorder can feel like making friends in middle school....

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Get kids to eat and have fun relationship with food
Relationship with Food
By Lindsay / August 7, 2018

Get Kids To Eat and Avoid These 5 Parenting Mistakes

Your Relationship with Food & Getting Kids to Eat   My most stressful moments, as a mom of three small...

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Eating Disorder Lies Truth Sign
Eating Disorder Thoughts
By Lindsay / June 5, 2018

Top 3 Eating Disorder Lies And What To Do About Them

The eating disorder lies and the ED voice is LOUD and STRONG. When you hear this voice, you don't question...

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By Lindsay / May 2, 2018

Three keys to move from eating disorder recovery to recovered

Staying BUSY in eating disorder recovery can often lead to staying STUCK in recovery and not moving to recovered. After...

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Relationship with Food
By Lindsay / November 17, 2017

5 Keys to Holidays with an Eating Disorder

As the holiday season approaches, consider these 5 keys to surviving holidays with an eating disorder. The holidays alone can...

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By Lindsay / July 25, 2017

To The Bone – preview

To the Bone - pre-release The majority of people haven’t yet seen this film, To The Bone, which highlights anorexia,...

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By Lindsay / June 22, 2017

Stop eating disorder thoughts now – Part II

Two key tools to stop eating disorder thoughts I hope you’re reading this with five hair ties around your wrist!...

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Stop eating disorder thoughts
By Lindsay / May 27, 2017

Stop Eating Disorder Thoughts Now – Part I

STOP EATING DISORDER THOUGHTS  Ten years ago, eating disorder thoughts ruled my mind. Anorexia and bulimia said “you’re too fat....

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By Lindsay / April 2, 2017

What ALL eating disorders have in common

Eating Disorder Symptoms What do I have in common with Elton John, Lady Gaga and Russell Brand? What do nearly...

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By Jason / March 4, 2017


It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness week. Most who have experience with an eating disorder don’t talk about it because of...

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By Lindsay / March 2, 2017


Mentors and rolemodels are paramount to ED recovery! We are creating something special at OutshiningED and are looking for ED...

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By Lindsay / January 31, 2017

Supporting Your Loved Ones with Eating Disorders

First, know that anyone who has an eating disorder isn’t seeking attention or trying to be difficult. They don’t want...

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By Lindsay / January 31, 2017

Affirmations for Recovery

During the early stages of my recovery, I didn’t take AFFIRMATIONS seriously because inpatient treatment taught it as “fake it...

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