Support group candles
Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lindsay / April 1, 2020

COVID19 – Free Eating Disorder Support & Resources

Feeling alone or need eating disorder support?     For the past couple months, I've been leading a virtual eating...

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Girl Comfortable in Body
Body Image, Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lindsay / February 12, 2020

How To Be Comfortable In Your Skin – 5 Ways

Are you comfortable in your skin?   First up, I have to acknowledge thin privilege. I do not speak for...

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Journal about your struggle with food
Eating Disorder Recovery, Relationship with Food
By Lindsay / January 17, 2020

Do These 3 Things Everyday If You Struggle With Food

Struggle with food and your body? For years, I tried to white knuckle my way through recovery. I forced myself...

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Eating Disorder Support Group In Austin
Eating Disorder Behaviors, Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lindsay / January 10, 2020

Austin Eating Disorder Support Group – How I Started It

The Austin Eating Disorder Support Group was born   In 2016, I hosted the first Austin Eating Disorder Support Group....

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Shoes Are Unique Just like you Not Body Comparison
Eating Disorder Recovery, Eating Disorder Thoughts
By Lindsay / November 20, 2019

Body Comparison: 5 Tips On How To Stop Comparing Your Body To Others

Comparing your body to others   Do you find yourself comparing your body to others or to a version of...

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help for daughter with an eating disorder
Eating Disorder Recovery, Parents & Family Support
By Lindsay / October 1, 2019

Don’t DO these SIX things if your daughter has an eating disorder

"My daughter has an eating disorder. What can I do to help?"   Parents email me nearly every week. Moms...

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someone presenting on eating disorders in the workplace
Eating Disorders in the Workplace
By Lindsay / June 3, 2019

4 Facts & 4 Tips For Eating Disorders in the Workplace

1) You cannot "SEE" an eating disorder in the workplace   A common myth about eating disorders is that you...

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stop eating disorder behaviors
Eating Disorder Behaviors
By Lindsay / May 6, 2019

How To Stop Eating So Much

The #1 question I get by far is how do I stop eating so much?   This is followed by...

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Eating Disorder Picture of HSP Girl
Eating Disorder Recovery
By Lindsay / April 3, 2019

3 Tips For A Highly Sensitive Person With An Eating Disorder

Are you a highly sensitive person?   Many of my eating disorder clients who identify as a highly sensitive person...

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eating disorder holiday tips on thanksgiving
Relationship with Food
By Lindsay / November 12, 2018

Eating Disorder Holiday Tips

Surviving Holidays with an Eating Disorder Surviving holidays with an eating disorder can feel like making friends in middle school....

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