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If you really want food freedom, decide today.

Let an eating disorder coach light your path.

Eating Disorder Recovery &
Food Freedom Coaching

Move further, faster with an eating disorder recovery coach. As a result, you will heal your relationship with food and your body. Coaching is for people ready to say goodbye to disordered eating and the darkness that goes with it. You will ultimately learn to love the body you’re in and make peace with food.

If you haven’t found lasting eating disorder help, you are not alone. That’s exactly why this coaching program was created. Choose the eating disorder you are struggling with for a coaching program designed specifically for you.

Anorexia Coaching – if you find yourself obsessing over calories, weight loss, intake and other food rituals, coaching can help simplify recovery.

Bulimia Coaching – if you find yourself stuck in a binge purge cycle and feels impossible to get out of, explore how an eating disorder recovery coach can help get you unstuck.

Binge Eating Coaching – if you feel like you can’t trust yourself around food or feel you are addicted to food (I promise you aren’t) and the ritual of binging, learn more about working with an eating disorder coach.

Emotional Eating Coaching – if you find yourself turning to food in times of stress and negative emotions to help numb unwanted feelings, consider a food coach.

Wellness Coaching – if you are looking to make yourself and your mental wellness a priority so you can show up more fully at work or at home, this is for you.

Digital Coaching – if are looking for eating disorder treatment but don’t have money or the time, learn about online eating disorder coaching.

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There is NO one-size-fits-all approach to eating disorder recovery. If there was, you wouldn’t be here. This is good news! There are many paths to creating a loving relationship with food and your body. Your coach will guide you to find food and body freedom.

Your recovery coach will help you find YOUR path. Diets won’t work. They feel forced, lead to restriction and binging. You need a plan that draws from your motivation and strengths.

Are you ready to leave the darkness of discorded eating and find food freedom? Apply here and schedule your FREE call below with Lindsay, Eating Disorder Coach, to learn more about food and eating disorder coaching.