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For lasting bulimia freedom and to stop binge and purge behaviors, you must start a new daily routine. As a result, you will fill up on behaviors that serve you. Get bulimia help today.

Bulimia Hell to Bulimia Help

Are you stuck in binge purge hell? Do you continually promise yourself that tomorrow is a new day only to find yourself in the same place the next night? You are not alone.

Bulimia recovery can make your head spin. Therefore, the goal of coaching is to simplify recovery and to identify what will work for you. Most important, bulimia treatment is NEVER a matter of willpower. It has nothing to do with discipline. Bulimia freedom has everything to do with finding systems that work. Tell me, do you relate to any of the following?

  • never feel like you’re good enough
  • you identify with perfectionism, hyperactivity, self-harm or impulsivity 
  • have an intense fear of gaining weight and equate worth to size
  • find yourself withdrawing from social situations
  • get excited about planning when to have secretive behaviors
  • have other impulsive behaviors around shopping and returning, drugs, sex or alcohol
  • get upset and are unable to cope if the day doesn’t go as planned
  • struggle to eat with others or in public as you feel like people are watching you
  • trying the latest diets and cleanses, sometimes cutting out entire food categories
  • mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted from trying bulimia recovery
  • struggle to sleep at night without meds


It is possible to break this binge purge cycle! Bulimia recovery starts with a mindset transformation. This leads to cessation of behaviors. Bulimia coaching can allow you to get unstuck right away and ultimately find freedom from this mental illness.

I’m inviting you to apply for a FREE powerful, coaching call. Remember, this is only for those serious about committing to bulimia recovery and finding lasting freedom.

On your breakthrough coaching call we will determine exactly what’s not working for you. Also, you’ll learn exactly what to do to get unstuck. Finally, we will identify an action plan that will simplify bulimia treatment.

This is a powerful use of one hour of your time! You will leave the call feeling empowered and ready to take action. Because you deserve freedom. Click below to schedule now.


  • Working with Lindsay for 12 weeks was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I gained freedom mentally and physically around week 8. She helped me come into my own shell. She supported me in time of doubt and gave me hope when I believed all hope was lost. I highly recommend working with her and the program because you are stronger than you think! You can achieve anything. Lindsay will guide you through it all. Take a chance. Freedom is closer than you think.

  • I was weirded out by the idea of using a coach for eating disorder recovery, but I  tried for years and was exhausted. Nothing was working so I gave it a shot. I made more progress in the first 4 weeks than I ever had in the 12 years I struggled. Then something just clicked when we did the module with the physical and mental environment. I saw really big shifts and knew I could get to the finish line. Lindsay made it simple and kept me accountable. I kept putting in the work and was free of binge eating behaviors and eating disorder thoughts by the end of her program. More importantly, I love my body post recovery and love myself more than I ever have.

  • When I first started working with Lindsay I was in a dark place. I cycled between stages of anorexia and bulimia struggled for half my life (I’m 28). Stuck in a cycle of being “functional” but not ok, to crisis mode, treatment, back to therapy, crisis mode, treatment, medication change, repeat. I couldn’t imagine a life where food didn’t rule my thoughts or binging and purging wasn’t part of my day. I understand the power of coaching and how different it was from any kind of treatment out there. Having Lindsay available during our scheduled calls and more importantly just a text or call away was a game changer. And she responds quickly, which for an urge-based problem is huge. My most memorable aspects of the program were outside of the workbook when Lindsay would listen to what I needed and suggest belief exercises or we would brainstorm solutions together. I got to choose what we focused on based on what I needed. I felt cared for and listened to, and most importantly validated. She was a friend but set clear professional boundaries. I was well on my way to freedom by the end of the program, and feel confident in my future as a recovered person, not someone perpetually in recovery. It was one of if not the best investments I’ve ever made in my health.

  • I tried everything when I came to Lindsay. I made progress and then took a million steps back. Honestly, I didn’t believe full recovery was possible and had little faith I’d get there. I felt something different, on our first call, than I had in the past. Maybe hope? Lindsay believed in me. She ‘got it’ and understood me but also knew how to push me and call out the eating disorder crap. Accountability was what I had been missing all those years. I was scared for the first few weeks. Looking back I know that it was part of the process and I needed “cross the bridge of fear” (as Coach Lindsay says). I’m grateful to have a new life. A new chance at relationships without food getting in the way. Without me second guessing EVERY decision. Lindsay simplified the whole thing for me and at the end of the 12 weeks I wasn’t even having behaviors. I still can’t believe I wrote that. I did the work, but she showed me how to do it. To anyone considering coaching, DO IT. Invest in yourself and your freedom.