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OED Recovery Coaching Academy – doors are closed for September 2023 Academy. Next one begins February 2024. Apply today.


Why Eating Disorder Coaching?


Coaching is a powerful approach to eating disorder treatment. Coaches have a unique ability to help clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be and coaching fill a needed gap in eating disorder treatment.


Simply put, there is a high demand for eating disorder coaches as more people than ever before are battling eating disorders. I do over 15 discovery calls each week with people who want a coach to help them in recovery. That person could be YOU!


OED Recovery Coaching Academy


My mission at OED has always been to help as many people as possible suffering with eating disorders. A couple years into OutshiningED, I was consistently on a waitlist and unable to serve those who really wanted help. At this time I decided to hire and train my first coach. Olivia was a former client, and not only did she find freedom from her ED during the coaching program, but a year later she reached out to ask me where to do her ED coach training because she was determined to do this work. She had all the qualities to becoming an extraordinary coach and I create my first training program for Olivia.


A year later I refined my ED coach training program, calling it the OED Recovery Coaching Academy, as I began training more coaches and saw how many people we were able to serve! Now, this eating disorder coach training program is top notch and trains people like you so you can help those suffering with eating disorders.


If you are serious about becoming a coach, then I want to talk to you! Book a free aspiring coach breakthrough call below. Take the first step towards becoming a TOP ED Recovery Coach.


Why OutshiningED OED Recovery Coaching Academy Is Unique


I have my MBA from Harvard Business School. And as wonderful as it is that you want to help others with eating disorders, you also have to understand how to build a successful and sustainable coaching program. I hear from so many people who have completed an eating disorder coach training program where they only learn tools to be a great Eating Disorder Recovery Coach but have no idea how to find clients and make a living doing the work they love. Also, read the reviews our clients are having from the 10 coaches on the OED team.


In the OED Academy you will learn:


1) how to become a top eating disorder recovery coach


– guide clients from ED suffering to freedom

– get the principles of effective coaching

– effectively working with a treatment team (therapists, RDs, MDs etc)

– motivate clients to change

– create a signature program that caters to the niche you are serving

– use specific formulas and frameworks to coach clients in their recovery


2) the business side of creating a successful coaching practice


– marketing and social media – how to be passionate about your offering and communicate that to prospective clients

– sales – how to conduct an effective discovery call that converts to people wanting to work with you

– lead generation – where to find clients and offer your program in a heart-centered way

– finance and accounting – you want to be profitable and have financial freedom

– legal and insurance – you want to be protected and do this work safely with the clients best interest in mind

– business strategy including pricing and offerings

– website / apps / technology


3) everything that I’ve created for my ED coaching program


– I pull back the curtains on our offering and show you our phases of recovery, give you all the workbooks AND frameworks we use to guide clients to freedom


Book a free call with me today


Book a call today and after our call you will:


– know the 5 Secrets to fill your coaching practice with the ideal coaching clients


–  be clear on what separates the great eating disorder coaches from the rest


– understand the two most important keys to motivating clients to take action in their recovery


Booking A Call Means:


You want to make a meaningful impact in the recovery community and serve your clients in a lasting way. You’re committed to helping those with eating disorders find freedom without using diets or ‘diet culture’ mentality.


You are recovered from your eating disorder and don’t subscribe to any diets. Intuitive eating, HAES, fat-phobia, thin privilege, and anti-diet are all terms you are familiar with and understand how they play into eating disorders and ED recovery.


You are done guessing at how to build a coaching practice. You want to have a real business that works around your schedule and offers you both freedom of time and financial freedom. You are READY to invest in yourself, training and a program that will set you up for success.


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