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Affordable. Flexible.

Recover at your own pace,
from the comfort of your home.

~~ Break the ED Behaviors Digital Coaching Program ~~


This program is right for you if:


– you want help with the eating disorder, but aren’t fully ready to commit to a more intensive program

– you want to get unstuck and have a break from the exhausting ED and behaviors

– you want to make progress but don’t know HOW or WHAT to do first

– you’re looking for a more affordable option than regular weekly sessions with a coach or therapist

– you need a fresh approach and have tried other forms of treatment without getting to your desired outcome

This coaching program is a new, alternative approach to treatment. We are focused on bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to go.


What you get


A six month program! Weekly emails from Coach Lindsay Ronga guiding you through recovery. You’ll also receive:


Videos: Exclusive access to videos that give you the “how-to” of recovery. Clear how-to videos to stop behaviors, to set yourself and environment up for success and to motivate yourself when it feels like you have lost all willpower. This is valued at $295!


Workbooks: you will get homework every week that is realistic, doable and applies to your life!  You’ll complete powerful ED freedom workbooks that allow you  to take back your power from the eating disorder. I use these in my 1:1 coaching program and it’s valued at $855!


Emails: each week you receive an email with the next phase of recovery. Remember we go from A to B in this program. Not A to Z. The phases come from years of research and interviews of women who found freedom. Each week dive into actionable steps you can take to solve challenges that have kept you stuck. This is valued at $95!


What you give


This program is valued at $1,245. I’m proud to offer it to you at a price that is affordable. A one-time payment of $169 for the entire six month program.


If you’re ready to STOP having behaviors and move closer to freedom, go here to purchase the program.

You deserve to find clarity in recovery and have someone simplify for you so you can get unstuck while continuing to work and living your life!


Move one step closer to freedom:


Digital coaching is a powerful motivator. We give you everything you need. All YOU need to do is show up and follow the instructions.


The digital coaching program is offered at a one time price of $169 (about $7 per week!).


If you want this program immediately, go to the checkout page and grab it here. You’re able to get started right away!