It’s your decisions, NOT your conditions, that determine your destiny.

Stop Eating Disorder Behaviors, Bingeing, Stress Eating and Obsessing over food with Break the Behaviors

~~ Digital Coaching ~~

What you get:

Videos: Exclusive access to videos covering important topics like how to stop behaviors, how to set yourself and environment up for success and how to motivate yourself when it feels like you have lost all willpower.

Workbook: you will get homework every week (but not in the dreaded middle school kind of homework) that is realistic and applies to your life!  Each week get part of a powerful freedom workbook designed to take back your power from the eating disorder.

Coaching: you will receive a powerful one-on-one coaching call over the six months. YOU get to decide the toughest part of your recovery journey and I will customize that call to your situation. You will hang up feeling motivated, have a clear plan and ready to take action ($500 value).

Email: each week you’ll receive an email with the topic for the week. These weekly topics come from years of research and interviews of women who found freedom. Each week you’ll get a refreshing approach to the same challenges that have kept you stuck.

What you give:

This is over a $2000 value! I have been working hard to create a program that is more affordable and available to those who want it.

With a monthly payment of $34.99 you get digital coaching and can fit the program into your schedule.

You want a harmonious food and body relationship free from restriction, emotional and binge eating. You deserve to find the clarity you need to get unstuck. So many women have been in your shoes, including me!

Digital coaching is a powerful motivator and approach to recovery. We give you everything you need. YOU must put in the work.

$34.99 is only $8.75 per week! Find a way to save that money or shift a current spend towards investing in yourself and your future.

Sign up now in two steps:

Apply here and make your first payment below to subscribe to your six month Break the Behaviors digital coaching program:

     I’m ready to go!

After you subscribe and fill out the application, you’ll receive a personal email with a link to get started for the Break the Behaviors digital coaching.


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