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Recover at your own pace,
from the comfort of your home.

Stop Eating Disorder Behaviors, Bingeing, Stress Eating and Obsessing over food with Break the Behaviors Digital Coaching


~~ Digital Coaching ~~


What you get:


Video: Exclusive access to videos that guide you through recovery. Clear how-to videos to stop behaviors, to set yourself and environment up for success and to motivate yourself when it feels like you have lost all willpower. This is valued at $295!


Workbook: you will get homework every week that is realistic, doable and applies to your life!  Homework includes a powerful freedom workbook designed to take back your power from the eating disorder. I use this in my 1:1 coaching program and it’s valued at $855!


Email: each week you receive an email with the next phase of recovery. Remember we go from A to B in this program. Not A to Z. The phases come from years of research and interviews of women who found freedom. Each week dive into actionable steps you can take to solve challenges that have kept you stuck. This is valued at $95!


What you give:


This program is valued at $1,245. I’m proud to offer it to you at a price that is affordable.


For only $169


Typically the program is only offered two times per year. Once the sign up window passes, the program won’t be available for six more months.

Update: during COVID times, this program is available to anyone who wants it! Click the button below to purchase and you’ll be sent an email with how to access the program.

You deserve to find clarity in recovery and have someone simplify for you so you can get unstuck while continuing to work and living your life!


Digital coaching is a powerful motivator. We give you everything you need. YOU show up and put in the work.


The digital coaching program is offered at a one time price of $169 (about $7 per week!).


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This digital coaching program is super affordable and flexible.


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