6-Month Digital Coaching: Break the Behaviors



  • 6-month self-guided coaching program designed for you to stop the behavior cycle
  • Make quick progress in your eating disorder recovery, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home
  • An affordable, flexible option if you are ready to stop your eating disorder behaviors and make fast progress towards recovery
  • Appropriate for anyone caught in a habitual cycle of eating or exercising


  • A weekly email with homework taking you through each phase of recovery ($95 value)
  • Access to exclusive videos that guide you step-by-step through your recovery ($295 value)
  • Weekly homework with action steps taken from my powerful Freedom Workbook, which I use in the 1:1 coaching program ($855 value)

Feeling stuck in your eating disorder recovery? Tired of the bingeing, stress eating, restricting, and over-exercising?

What if you could break those behaviors and jumpstart your eating disorder recovery—and do it all from your own home?

The Break the Behaviors Digital Coaching Program allows you to do just that. I will take you through the 10 phases of recovery, which are based on the experiences of hundreds of women who have recovered from their eating disorders. You will also get access to my powerful Freedom Workbook, which is designed to help you take back your power from the eating disorder, as well as videos to guide you through each phase of recovery.

If you’re ready to STOP the harmful behaviors and START living in freedom from the eating disorder, this is the program for you.