Journal Prompts: 30 Days to Releasing Negative Body Image



  • 30 days of journal prompts sent to your email
  • Each day, spend 15 minutes processing your negative body image and working toward body peace
  • In 30 days, begin to release negative body image and transition to body acceptance or positive body image

Journaling is a powerful tool for processing your emotions and shifting your mindset. If you’re struggling to accept your body, these daily journal prompts will help you transition from negative body image to body acceptance.

When you purchase 30 Days to Releasing Negative Body Image, you will receive one daily journal prompt in your inbox for 30 days. These prompts are designed to help you understand your negative body image, process it, and move forward into a more accepting and positive body image. When you immerse yourself each day in releasing the negative thoughts you have about your body, you will absolutely begin to see a shift out of negative body image.

By spending just 15 minutes per day working thoughtfully on each journal prompt, you can break free from your negative body image and start to truly accept and love your body, just as it is.