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Aligned Habits (6-week group coaching)



– an intensive six week Aligned Habit group coaching program

– weekly group Zoom calls for one hour 

– you receive ONE individual call with Coach Heidi to create your customized habit plan

– 24/7 accountability and support via messaging with Coach Heidi throughout the six weeks

– you will receive homework on each call related to creating new habits or disrupting old habits

– be in community with like minded people focusing on healing from the eating disorder behaviors

– recovery topics include habit cycles, habit stacking, introducing new practices and nurturing those practices until they become habitual, and releasing negative habits around the eating disorder

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This 6-week group coaching program, beginning January 22, 2022, is action oriented and for those who want to release negative eating disorder habits and introduce positive habits. For six weeks, Coach Heidi will lead you through habit training to solidify new, aligned habits in your life. As you give your attention and energy to these new habits, you won’t have the same energy for the habits that don’t serve you (i.e. the eating disorder). You will receive homework after each session and you will also get a personalized one on one call with Heidi during the six weeks to create your customized habit plan.