“I’m not the body. I’m not the mind. I’m something divine.”


OutshiningED is changing the approach to eating disorder recovery. Work with a Coach to take control of your own recovery because we want you to FULLY recover. Our mission is to EMPOWER as many people as possible to find total freedom from their eating disorder.

Why are we doing this? After Lindsay’s seven year struggle with an eating disorder, God placed it on her heart to share a more direct and effective path towards recovery. She wants to save you time. She’s interviewed hundreds of fully recovered women and pieced together the ‘MUSTS’ in recovery. The rest is customized to the individual.

OutshiningED believes the current treatment available to eating disorder sufferers is broken. With 70 million people affected worldwide, eating disorders continue to have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, be underfunded and not well understood. Most people feel completely alone, loss of control, hopeless and embarrassed. That is why OutshiningED was created.

Making your OWN decisions in the environment of your own home is everything. The more decisions you make, the better you get at it. It’s like a muscle…the more you stretch and exercise that muscle, the stronger it gets. At OutshiningED, our coaches and mentors have been through this before and know how hard it can be. They have also found total freedom from their eating disorder. Work with a coach to create your customized plan and have someone else invested in your freedom.

Coaches do not replace trained professionals like a therapist, psychiatrist or dietician, all of whom can be useful in your recovery. Coaches will work in tandem with those individuals.

Your coach is there to guide you in recovery and in working the 12-week program. You know enough about eating disorders. Stop overthinking it and start doing. Work with a coach to create your customized plan and guide you in your journey.

Why do you need this? Right now, you’re able to rationalize anything and talk yourself in or out of nearly anything. You likely feel shame and uncertainty, and when you feel anxiety, you turn to behaviors. You use the behaviors to numb yourself from any emotions, stress, and lack of control in other areas of your life. You are an over-achiever and high-performer. You CARE. Like no one else, you have a big heart and are empathetic. Sometimes the ‘perfectionist’ in you comes out and it’s hard to see a ‘good enough’ route. It’s all or nothing, black or white. Balance doesn’t exist.

If this sounds like you, please apply for a Discovery Call and we’ll determine if there is a good fit to work together. 

My story

Hi. I’m Lindsay, ED Recovery Coach, Harvard MBA, Yoga Instructor, a former finance professional and former wine industry exec.

I lived in total hell – eating disorder hell – for seven years too many. ED entered my life during a stressful time. ED kept convincing me that I didn’t need to recover, that my eating disorder wasn’t severe enough and that it would go away once I met the next milestone (i.e. once I started business school, moved out of NYC, started a job, etc). ED did not leave me alone, but in fact grew stronger. I didn’t know how to love myself and in spite of all my accomplishments, I didn’t believe in myself.

I was in inpatient and outpatient treatment for years and caught in a never ending cycle of weekly therapy sessions, dietician appointments, meal plan changes, new medication cocktails, and trying all the latest therapy tools. None of it worked and none of it resonated. I wasn’t even sure I wanted recovery. It wasn’t until year 7 that I realized not all treatment works for all people.

I wasn’t broken; the system was. I found a coach and created my own action plan. Being invested in and involved in creating my own recovery path was MAJOR and got me over the hump. I saw progress immediately and gained momentum until I found total freedom from ED. Today, I am free and living in alignment with my purpose of helping others heal themselves. My life feels full (and busy) with a husband, three small children, and a dog.

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