Hello! My name is Kally and I’m a new mom, prior school teacher, MFT student, and eating disorder recovery coach. My own struggle with bulimia began in middle school. It came to define my identity so completely that I thought there was something broken inside me that could never be fixed. As I worked through my recovery, the 24/7 support from a recovery coach who understood what I was going through showed me that wasn’t the case. That support proved to be one of the most influential parts of my recovery.

Today my role as a coach allows me to share that same support with my clients. I work to help clients recognize and let go of their limiting beliefs, rewrite negative and counter-productive inner dialogue, and take ownership of their lives. All people, no matter what shape, size, age, race, gender, or ethnicity, deserve to and can make peace with food. Working with an eating disorder recovery coach may be the tool that makes that possible for you.

Outside of coaching, I’m an avid hiker and enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband, daughter and dog.