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Natalie Capodanno
Before starting OED, I was unsure if things would ever change; I was overly consumed with food and the ED. After failed treatments, I thought I was the problem, but OED has shown me hope and has allowed me to finally break free. I am beyond grateful for Coach Cheryl, who has helped me discover how I can be at peace with food. She’s been there for me throughout my journey, supporting me through every chaotic up and down, and I am so grateful for all that she’s done to help me. Coach Cheryl helped me separate the ED and my feelings, figuring out the need that the ED was serving me so I could meet it in a different way. I never thought I would be here, and I’m so grateful for OED and Cheryl.
Laura Allen Wellness
I am so grateful for OED and Lindsay! The academy was the most beautiful blend of knowledge, practical application, community, and deeper healing in my own journey. Lindsay does a great job of sharing step by step process in setting up a coaching business while also giving you the tools to help those move from stuck to freedom in their journey. So grateful for the last 6 months!
Kelly Venezia
OED Academy was an incredible experience . Not only did Lindsay prepare me run a great Coaching Program, her genuine and loving personality allowed me to feel and heal in ways that I was not expecting . The program was thorough and covered not only strategies and concepts to help others , but it covered how to run a business as well. So grateful for this program and Lindsay!
Dana J
I wasn't even certain I had an eating disorder let alone needed an ED coach. After my initial call with Lindsay, I became curious as to what life could be like without being stuck in an endless cycle. So, I decided to give the OutshiningED program and coaching a try. From my very first call with Coach Cheryl, I sensed something was going to be different. Having a coach who has been through the program and recovered is invaluable. Cheryl gets it! She shared her energy, encouragement, compassion, insight, and humor. She was committed to helping me live my life to the fullest. Cheryl challenged my thoughts. When I was discouraged, she believed in me even when I wasn't so sure. She reminded me of all the progress I made. When I couldn’t name my feelings and needs, Cheryl helped me find the words. I began to believe I was worthwhile and deserving of health and happiness. I started making choices from a place of optimism instead of fear. I found my voice. Mostly, Cheryl brought hope and joy back into my life!
Sarah M
After traditional therapy, and intro calls to other programs, I really didn't know what to do. Almost on accident, I found this program. The work I have done with Coach Cheryl has made me turn a corner and caused a big shift in my life. I finally see a light at the end of a tunnel and can truly say that I feel like I am finally recovering from the pain and control of my eating disorder. After years of feeling like I was on a roller coaster ride, or treading water, I feel like I am coming out of this. I know it in my heart. The combination of structure, traditional work, mindset shifting and mindfulness, with the access to chat things through at any time with my coach, has made a huge difference. It helps knowing that she too understands what I am going through. We've done work together, we talk things through, and it gets easier. This coaching and treatment program is exactly what I needed at a time when I wasn't sure if anything or anyone was going to help me. I'm so grateful to my coach for listening, hearing, and encouraging me.
Lori Pygeorge
I wanted to take a few weeks to make sure I could adequately put into words what this program has meant to me. When I first connected with Lindsay, I was headed toward Residential. After suffering from an ED for 40 Years (inpatient, residential, PHP, outpatient etc) I knew in my heart this is not what I needed. Unfortunately, there is still so much the medical world does not know about ED's. Limited knowledge as well as impacted therapists make finding help very difficult. I cannot even began to count, how many unanswered phone calls and e mails that I was faced with, in the act of pursing care. After speaking to Lindsay she paired me with Ashley. Ashley's knowledge, wisdom and compassion were second to none. I have no idea how Outshine ED developed such an amazing program that really and truly works. Although I thought I was "recovered" before my last relapse I quickly realized this was not the case. My homework that Ashley and I decided upon each week (separate from the workbook) had me thinking about my life, my recovery etc in a whole different light. I am eating to fuel my body without guilt or shame. I am moving my body for health and I am breaking out of my very isolated shell. Every single penny I spent was worth so much. Honestly, the amount of money it would have taken for me to leave work, go to residential and then PHP would have been astronomical. If you are looking for a program that will help you recover from the horrible world of ED's, please consider Outshine ED. I will forever be indebted to Lindsay and Ashley for truly changing my life. I am living.
Julia Ai
Working with Ashley has changed my life forever and saved me from no doubt years of traditional therapy and painful struggle. After struggling with severe bulimia for almost 10 years, and attempting but failing recovery for last 2-3 of those years, Ashley and OutshiningED’s program nailed the root of what causes the root of eating disorders and provided the structure and clarity required to heal permanently. Ashley was an incredibly thoughtful coach and always took time to understand my situation and come up with action items that felt approachable while pushing me to progress in the right direction. Each week’s plan was never terribly daunting, and felt like gentle steps, yet over just the course of 1-2 months I made bigger strides than I had for the past several years. I truly believe OutshiningED’s approach is the only way to cure an ED fully – to realign your values and overcome the underlying beliefs and fears that underlie. Before stumbling upon OutshiningED I had been working with traditional therapists, dieticians, and eating disorder centers – at best they mildly mitigated my ED behaviors for brief periods of time before relapsing, and at worst they were extremely triggering and problematic. I was at a loss on what could possibly heal me, and I could not afford to continue harming my physical condition. OutshiningED showed me that recovery didn’t need to be an arduous process requiring several months/years of inpatient as others claimed – with the right quality of coaching it’s possible to recover fairly quickly. Since going off of the 4-month program I have been fully ED-free and continuing to feel myself become recovered. Ashley’s coaching has provided me with a lifelong toolkit for recovery and I feel confident for the first time in my life that my ED will be a distant part of my history.
Marianne Yontz
After almost 50 years of an eating disorder, Outshining ED coaching got me over the hump I was stuck on. I had received good treatment for my ED over the past 5 years but something was keeping me stuck. I needed a change and Heidi, my coach, helped me make that happen. Her approach was something different than I had received. It was very positive. I can’t say enough how having a positive approach to things helped me. After every coaching session, Heidi left me feeling strong strong and confident that I could conquer ED. I felt comfortable with Heidi from the start. She’s the type of person that makes you feel warm and safe. You feel truly understood without feeling like you’re “less than” and a strange person because you have an ED. Heidi is very compassionate, motivating, knowledgeable, understanding, challenging, available, and really knows how to make a person dig deep and get to the root of their problems. She has so many ideas on how to turn these negatives in your life into positives. If it wasn’t for Heidi I’d still be stuck in my ED. With Heidi’s help I’m now free of ED, confident, and I love myself! I never thought this could happen to me ! I thank God every night for leading me to outshining ED and for sending Heidi as my coach.
mich c
I have been seeking (and working with) various kinds of ED treatment providers over the past five years and it was not until I started to work with Heidi when I felt like I was actually on the path to true recovery. Unlike other services and treatments that I got in the past, Heidi took time to understand my personal, unique struggles and worked with me to help me uncover the power within ME that acts as the agent of change. I start to feel a real difference in how I think and act. There are small things that I start to practice (breathing exercises, others shifters etc) and words that I start to say to myself (mantras, stories) that are making a real difference in how I feel and ultimately, recover. I am extremely grateful to have found Lindsay and worked with my coach Heidi who is so kind and impactful in changing my life.
Emily Hawkins
After years of different treatment modalities & spinning my wheels going no where, Outshing Ed was the first time I felt truly supported. I worked with Heidi and she changed my life. She was the first person that both supported and pushed me- always making sure I was in charge of my treatment. I was empowered by her, given tools to work on my sticky underlying beliefs and always encouraged to come back to my truest self. She was available day & night and never hesitated to send long and thoughtful messages to help me in every situation. I felt I could tell her everything- the wins, the setbacks and everything in between. This journey is messy and she was with me every step of the way. I am so grateful for her & this program. I can’t recommend it more. Traditional treatment failed me on so many levels, but this program helped me home to myself. This program has given me tools for life & not just for ED related issues. Thank you Heidi for all your boundless, unconditional love & support. I will always feel indebted for your help in this journey. If you are considering this program- do not hesitate!!
Taylor McIntosh
This program and the skill of the coaches are truly unmatched. Ashley is truly the best coach anyone could ask for. She is so compassionate, engaging, funny, smart and so much more. This program truly is transformational and isn’t just a bandaid to put on the situation. The strategies and coping mechanisms you learn stay with you forever. I never thought I would ever fully recover, but I am here to tell you that recovery is possible! I can’t thank Ashley and Lindsay enough for their knowledge, compassion and kindness.
Lara Hetherington
When I first met with Lindsay for our breakthrough call, I was quite simply: desperate. I had been being a "revolving door patient" for years and was labeled as chronic and enduring at 17. It felt like a life sentence. Coach Amy has been wonderful and warm and patient, she has completely changed my life and changed my future. I went into this program thinking it would be just another thing I tried which would help for a bit and then I would get ill again, but now I am 18, and not being referred up from the paediatric to the adult ED service with the NHS because I don't need them, which is huge for me given six months ago I was in intensive care. I have tried so many different therapists and RDs and literally everything you can think of, but it was Amy's calm and reassuring accountability each week (and now every other week) that has kept me on track and proved to me that I can do what I thought was impossible. Making plans every time I hit a stumble instead of spirally has got me to a point where I (still a little cautiously) say that I think I will be well for the rest of my life. Amy has given me like 70 more years than I would have had if I stayed on the path I was on. I joined a lot of my calls in tears and left with a smile on my face, I can not thank her and the program enough.
Monica Barfield
Lindsay's program helped me gain freedom. I cannot thank her enough, I spent a decade trying to do it on my own feeling lost, and then I found her and it changed my life so quickly. I am finally happy!!! She is truly magical. Nothing worked before her program, and I am eternally grateful.
Lexie Glaser
The most AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING experience!!! I absolutely LOVE working with Coach Heidi. I’ve been through treatment a few times and I could tell you all the cookie cutter recovery things. It just wasn’t working. I was stuck. But working with Heidi is where the true change began to happen. She helps me in real life. I can take the things I know and have learned and she helps me live it out in real life. Having access to her all the time through text is incredible. It helps me through the tough times—in the actual moment! It’s also sooo helpful working with someone who has also experienced an ED. She truly knows and understands my thoughts and feelings. I feel truly valid when I talk to her. I would not be where I am in recovery right now if it weren’t for OutshiningED and Coach Heidi!!
Lindsey McCracken
After being in and out of treatment for almost 10 years, I gave coaching a try when I was ready to give up on recovery completely. Coaching has saved my life, honestly. I’ve been working with Heidi for many months and cannot say enough good things about her and the program. The access to 24/7 support is invaluable, and always met with compassion and understanding. I am getting my power back from a decades old ED, and slowly reclaiming my life. Coaching fills in the gaps that treatment left out, making for long term, sustainable healing. Before working with Heidi, I never saw myself finding freedom. Now, even on my worst days, I have hope, and a wonderful coach who reminds me not only is recovery possible, but that she has been in my shoes before and it gets better. I owe so so much of my progress to Heidi and OutshiningED, and am endlessly grateful for their work.
Kayla Pruitte
I don't leave reviews very often, but Coach Kally is worth leaving a review for. I struggled with an eating disorder for years and even ended up in treatment for it in 2018. Unfortunately, treatment was not enough. It was only a temporary bandaid which kept me alive, but I still very much struggled with thoughts and urges surrounding my ED on the daily. I went back and forth for a few years, actually, on hiring an eating disorder coach, and was terrified it wasn't for me, that it wouldn't REALLY help. Insert Kally - she completely changed my view on my thoughts surrounding how I saw, not only the ED, but also myself. We touched on heavily ingrained thoughts, feelings, growing in my spirituality and getting deeper with God. She had me do exercises to not only challenge the eating disorder thoughts, but BREAK them, and, this year, on my 30th birthday, was the first year I had birthday cake without any lingering thoughts or ED behaviors since I was 20. It's worth your time, and your money to get your life back. If you're in the fence like I was, or the ED voice is telling you it's really not that bad, please reach out for a consultation - because you can heal and it will get better. Allow someone to be with you on your recovery journey that GETS it. Because you deserve to live life freely and be who you were born to be. Not who the ED tells you to be.
Jill Bowden
This program truly transformed my entire mindset and perspective! It helped me find my self again and brought such a light into my life. The coach I worked with was extremely kind, understanding, relatable, professional, and an amazing coach through my recovery. I am forever grateful for going through this program and encourage anyone who is seeking help to find it here:)
Lindsey McCall
OutshiningED has changed my life and healed my relationship with food. I'm so glad I invested in myself. I worked with coach Heidi and she was amazing, kind, patient, and offered such amazing suggestions to guide me to the path of recovery. She is an amazing woman and I highly recommend her to anyone looking into the one-on-one coaching program. The program is designed perfectly to guide you through recovery and it seemed to go seemingly well with exactly what I needed next in recovery. I loved that I had 24/7 support from someone who "gets it". I highly recommend Lindsay and her coaches. I'm not exaggerating here when I tell you that I'm so glad I invested in myself and that this program helped me become a better version of myself 🙂 I promise, recovery is possible. I never thought it was, but it is!
Amy Catney
I started to work with Lindsay and her OutshiningED program in September 2020. My food and body image struggles began almost 30 years ago. I lived in a constant struggle of dieting, restriction, binging, and shame. After many years of therapy, support groups, and on and off “recovery”, I began to lose all hope. Something was missing for me in my recovery. I was 45 yrs old, and at this point in my life, I believed that I was too old to ever fully recover. It wasn’t until I found the OutshiningED program, that I started to find hope again. Lindsay understood me and knew exactly what I was going through. The 24/7 support, accountability, and changes in my limiting beliefs and thoughts were all incredibly important in helping me find freedom. This program was exactly what I needed to find full recovery. Lindsay is a gift, and I highly recommend this program to anyone that is looking to find freedom from their ED.
Sara Goldstein
The work I did with my coach Lindsay changed my entire life. Recovery and healing are possible, even though I thought for years they weren’t. Lindsay is kind, responsive, forgiving, professional, warm and non judgmental. She created a space that felt safe like nothing I’ve ever felt in 20 years of therapy. To anyone debating seeking help and working with OurshiningED, I know you won’t regret it.
Heidi McLachlan
OutshiningED changed my life and I am so grateful!! With Liv as my coach I felt heard, understood and fully supported in finding true freedom. I was given tangible tools to change my thoughts and beliefs, which led to changes in my behaviors. I often wondered if I was the person that just needed to 'live with the ED' - I'd tried all the things and nothing seemed to stick. After struggling with an eating disorder for 20 years (and being told by several doctors that I was 'chronic') it seemed inevitable that this was my life - it was too late for me. It wasn't!!!! After going through the 1 on 1 coaching program with Liv, my life has so much more color, connection, joy and fulfillment than I thought possible. The program that Lindsay created takes you through a powerful process that, with commitment and courage, will absolutely help you find your individual version of freedom! If you are reading this looking for help in recovery, please believe me when I say that you CAN live a life of freedom - a life where you get to choose the outcome, and OutshiningED can help you get there! Thank you Lindsay + Liv for changing my life!
Neena Webb
My experience with OutshiningED was truly amazing. I am so grateful to Liv who was able to listen and empathize as well as offer the guidance and support I needed during my recovery. I remember feeling helpless and stuck but through this program and with Liv, I was able to realize that I can get better and recovery is possible. Talking with her was like talking with a friend and I always felt supported. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to have someone so amazing be by my side on this journey. Thanks for being my cheerleader Liv!
Deanna Faucheux
I cannot say enough about OutshiningED. I am confident that it shall forever be one of the best investments I've ever made.Lindsay was so welcoming on the first intake call that my gut instinctively felt like I'd found the right place for me. Before starting the program, I was not even convinced that true ED freedom existed. I was just desperate & willing to try a different approach. I worked with Kate as a coach & she is a dream to work with. She's articulate, wise, & kind. She holds such a safe space to be vulnerable with. She excels at getting to the heart of what I am trying to communicate. She's a thought partner in coming up with solutions to challenges that arise. She's perfectly suited for this work & I have so much gratitude for the changes I've seen in my life as a result of completing this program. Freedom from ED is possible & it's better than I could have ever imagined. I'm still in awe that I get to live this way moving forward. I wish this program was the national standard of care for ED. It's that revolutionary.
Lauren Roden
I highly recommend OutshiningED. Prior to my decision to move forward with Liv I carefully researched eating disorder coaches. I vetted out many different companies and interviewed several people. Immediately after speaking with both Lindsay and Liv I knew that I had found my support team. It was clear they had the knowledge and skills I was looking for. I literally put my life into their hands. I have lived with my eating disorder for most of my life. For the first time I feel free. This program far exceeded my expectations. Liv is an outstanding coach. She made it so easy to open up and share my struggles. Each week we tackled a new challenge. We worked through the workbooks, talked each week and my mindset shifted. Liv is patient and kind. She is extremely responsive and was there for me at all times day or night when I needed support. She helped me to get my life back. My quality of life improved as well as my outlook overall. Finally released from the shackles of this disorder. I could not have done this without Liv. She is an amazing coach and responsible for my success. She has a wonderful way of working one on one to dive into the obstacles that were holding me back. Signing up for coaching with OutshiningED and teaming up with Liv was the best decision of my life. Highly professional and exceptional tools to bring you into recovery. The workbook created by Lindsay is truly brilliant coupled with coaching was exactly what I needed. I hope this review helps anyone who is struggling with their disorder. You don't have to be alone. Liv and OutshiningED can change your life.
Tanvi Dandawate
Kate has been the most amazing coach and human to work with. She’s so knowledgeable and relatable and guides you with compassion through this really well thought out program. I really can’t recommend this program and Kate enough!
Adrienne Stelly
I am just a little over halfway through this program, I am working with Liv. I just want to say that so far my experience has been worth every single penny and every single tear shed. I’m serious when I say that this has been totally life-changing. I looked at multiple programs before I chose one and every day I feel so confident having chosen to work with OutshiningED. I am starting to experience freedom from the constraints of ED for the first time in my entire life. I can’t even tell you how good it feels. Every time an issue has popped up that I’m afraid it’s going to ruin my progress- Liv has helped me every step of the way. Thank you SO much to the wonderful mentors of OutshiningED.
Kristin Brenkus
I am about 2/3 or more through this program. Liv, my coach, is outstanding. I knew pretty early she was meant to be in my life and on this journey with me. I have suffered with an eating disorder for much of my life. I hit my bottom after losing my mom. It was then that I truly made the commitment to try something new. To commit to getting help. I can’t begin to express how happy I am that I came across OutshiningED. Yes I’ve had some ups and downs, but this program is like nothing I’ve tried before. And Liv is an angel. I now have no doubt about the opportunity to have true freedom. I am empowered because of Liv and this program. Don’t hesitate. Life doesn’t wait. It passes by every moment of every day. Invest in yourself so that you can have the opportunity for best possible moments.
Kally Bowser
I am just over half-way through Lindsay’s one-to-one coaching program to become an eating disorder recovery coach. Before starting with Lindsay, I looked into many different coaching program options and am so glad I ended up choosing OutshiningED. Lindsay is so knowledgeable and explains things in such an articulate and relatable way. I leave every phone call feeling purposeful and inspired to put the work in so that I can become the best coach that I can be. I feel confident that by the end of this coaching program, I will be prepared to be an effective, compassionate coach. I just wish I had found Lindsay during my own recovery journey!
Kate Moser
My review is on the OutshiningED Eating Disorder Recovery Coach coaching program - to become an ED recovery coach. It was truly above and beyond my expectations. Lindsay is absolutely incredible to work with and guides with such understanding and compassion every step of the way. I went into her ED coaching with pretty extensive knowledge/awareness of eating disorders and still learned more from Lindsay - from how to support clients to how to support myself through the process. The program has led to me have success with my own clients right away! Couldn’t recommend it more, I am so grateful to be doing my dream job now!
Marie Diemand
Liv Biss is an incredible coach, so compassionate and understanding—and does very effective coaching. I highly recommend her!
Ashley McKemie
I think this one simple statement says it all - I'm ED free now and have been for over 2 months.After 10+ years of a consuming ED, Lindsay and her 1:1 program not only put me on the path to recovery and helped me achieve freedom from ED (something a year ago I would never have thought was possible for me), but also helped me to develop the tools I need to build an ED free life.I was worried about making all this work, as I have a super busy work and social life, but Lindsay tailors the program to your needs and schedule, making sure you have the support you need. I really loved that for the majority of the program, I got to steer the direction and the things we focused on in our weekly calls and homework was based on struggles, challenges, and things I wanted to focus on that week. I truly believe that taking a holistic approach and dealing with not just the behaviors, but everything going on in my life was key to my recovery, as it really helped illuminate the underlying factors (limiting beliefs, handling emotions, habits, etc) that led to ED.If you are looking to take back your life from ED and don't want or feel like you can do in-patient / out-patient treatment, this program is for you! I will forever be grateful to the guidance Lindsay gave me and the freedom she helped me find.
Rachael Schwulst
I am so so grateful for this program and for Liv's support in my healing from ED. I began the program having very little faith that I could ever truly be free from ED, but now I have no doubt that it is not only possible, but that it is possible for me.Liv's willingness to empathize, but also challenge and give me concrete, helpful tools and actions, was really what made the difference. I had often felt so lost and confused about what is helpful (with so many different recommendations and opinions out there). Liv helped me find my voice so that I could shut the door on ED for good. I've experienced what freedom from ED is like, and I have what it takes to keep living in this freedom. Full freedom. Not just a manageable ED.Having someone like Liv in your corner, having such a powerful workbook and homework assignments throughout the week, and having a voice outside of ED to speak truth, love, and empowerment into your life each week for 3 months is why this program worked for me. It took a lot of commitment, but it was so worth it. Thank you, Liv and Lindsay! You both are such a gift.
Hanna Garson
When I first reached out to Linsday I did not know how to break out of the labyrinth that was my eating disorder. I only knew that I needed it to end - soon - and that I needed help. I was, in all honesty, skeptical that anyone would be able to fully guide me to recovery, as I had been trying so hard for so long. As soon as I began to talk to Lindsay it became clear that because I had hope and determination, and as long as I could trust in myself - that I would, with her guidance, be free from my disorder. A big part of the program's success was in the clear, tangible processes that allowed me to recognize and work towards my progress. Being able to look to someone and say, "please help me figure out the next best step, help me formulate a plan, and help me believe in myself when I begin to feel doubt" was invaluable. Lindsay surprised me with her deep insight into me - and my nuances. I felt 'seen' by her, an unexpectedly profound experience for which I will always be grateful.
Amanda Webster
I feel very honored to have worked with Olivia and Lindsay on this journey through recovery. Lindsay has come up with some great tools that are both effective and transformational.Olivia is an amazing coach, supporter, knowledgeable, and has the most beautiful soul. She has guided me through the last 7 weeks without accountability and some very insightful wisdom and knowledge. I am still on the road to recovery but have come to a point I never thought would be possible, still have a ways to go but I feel confident that with this program I will eventually find my freedom from ED.Thank you both for all you do, its truly incredible work!Amanda <3
Beverly Allor
It's been 6 months since I wrapped up my coaching with Lindsay, and I can honestly say I think about her and her coaching program every day. It was a cornerstone experience in my life and transformed me holistically. She's one of my personal heroes.I remember having my first intake call with her and feeling so emotional - I had no idea how to recover. Fast forward 3 months, and I walked away feeling completely confident that I had all the tools I needed for my journey.Fast forward 6 months post-coaching, and I still consider myself in recovery. This time, however, I'm not scared, confused or overwhelmed. I know how to recover; the tools work. It's just a matter of doing the work and keeping at it.She pushed me to never settle for a "well-managed" eating disorder, but to strive for total and complete ED freedom. If you're on the fence about going through her program, DO IT!
Stacy J
I can't say enough about working with Lindsay. She is a life coach, therapist, cheer leader, teacher, and good friend all in one. She so genuinely cares about your growth and progress and I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. Working with Lindsay has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. She is gifted at what she does.
Cherie Packard
Lindsay is literally a breath of fresh air. I am learning many wonderful skills that are transformative. She is so positive and nurturing. It’s almost as if Lindsay can read my mind. She understands my thoughts and then can help mold behaviors in such a positive way. I’m so glad I found her!
Olivia Biss
Working with Lindsay was a transformative experience. She helped pull me towards the person I always wanted to be. I'm proud to say that is now the person that I am today. I'm honored to know her kind heart and am thankful for her program. If you are struggling, FREEDOM is POSSIBLE & she will help you find it.
Renee Labossiere
My experience going through the OutshiningEd coaching program that Lindsey herself has created based on FIRST HAND experience had been pretty amazing. I’m receiving Lindsey’s coaching expertise through her Online program, and each week we receive a workbook to complete as well as a video of Lindsay explained the topics we will be tackling in the workbook. Should we have any questions, day or night, Lindsay is just an email away and I swear to you the times I have emailed her from Edmonton in Canada... the middle of the night with a question or just because I’m hitting a wall feeling discouraged I’m my recovery... she will get back to me so fast. Not only will Lindsay get back to be quickly, but she will write be a nice email encouraging me that I do have it within me to keep pushing and to continue to recover and she helps me brain storm ways I can try whatever frustrated me in a slightly different way that might give me a better outcome,Lindsay is just so caring and kind and gives her heart and time to every single one of her patients. She is busy as can be with a family of her own, including a husband and 3 kids, yet she still give her all the her work. After recovering for an eating Disorder herself, she has committed her life to helping other beat this awful disease. I feel so blessed to be one of the lucky people who get to be coached by amazing Lindsay Ronga, and I won’t lrt her or myself down.
Tatianna Michalak
Lindsay is so heart warming and genuine!! She helped me see a healthier path and helped me work thru some issues I associated with diet and food! I also gained her has a great friend in the process and my life have been forver changed into a much more happier person!