Welcome! I am so glad you are here and taking steps to find freedom for yourself. My name is Liv and living my life to the fullest has been my goal. I have traveled around the globe as a motivational speaker for elementary schools. Working with children has opened my eyes to the hardships that the world throws at us from even the earliest of age. More importantly, the kids reminded me how naturally resilient the human spirit is.

I’ve struggled with body image and my relationship with food since the age of 9 after losing my father at a young age. Food was the only thing that I could reach out to for comfort when I felt so much pain. Although I worked on myself for some time and did my best at taming the beast that is ED, I still needed professional help to get the root of my pain and to help to nurture my relationship with food. That’s when I found Lindsay and went through her 12 week program.

My journey for freedom has been such a ride. Working on my recovery has helped me become emotionally raw so that I can fully feel again. It has helped me value my spirit more than an unachievable physical appearance. Most importantly, it helped me realize that I’m worthy and allowed to love myself just as I am today.