Welcome! I am so glad you are here and taking steps to find freedom for yourself. My name is Liv and LIVing my life to the fullest has been my goal. I have been working with clients at OED for over 3 years and have helped over 50 battling ED pave their path to freedom. I’ve gained endless knowledge during this time but the most important thing I have learned is that recovery looks different for everyone. Even more so, the path to recovery is unique for each individual because everyone’s WHY to recover is different. For me, bringing God into my recovery was a crucial piece and I have seen how spiritual health can drastically help others in their journey to freedom.

In the thick of the battle with my eating disorder, I noticed that no matter how much I accomplished, no matter how much I traveled, no matter how many life goals I checked off my list, it was never enough because all I could think about was “When I have the body I desire, then I will be successful.”

I’ve struggled with body image and my relationship with food since early childhood. Diet culture was strong in my family and it was “normal” to restrict and talk about each other’s bodies. I distinctly remember having the flu as a child and being excited because I was losing weight. After losing my father at 7 years old, food was the only thing that I could reach out to for comfort when I felt so much pain. I would cycle through going to my dad’s side of the family to binge and back to my mom’s side where everything was restricted. Thus, giving an early start to the binge restrict cycle. In high school, I struggled with bulimia and orthorexia behaviors. Working out intensely became my way to “fix” what society told me was broken – me. Fueled by praise and compliments, I thought I was doing the right thing. Until I felt the guilt of skipping a gym day or over analyzing everything I ate. I studied dance in college and while I absolutely LOVE dance, I would constantly compare myself to where I wanted to be physically and I could never get there fast enough.

After college, the weight of life’s traumas forced me to find healing. I did what I thought I needed to do: go to hot power yoga, become vegan, meditate, quit coffee, stop drinking, etc. I took on all forms of “wellness” in a desperate attempt to heal. I thought I had tamed the beast of ED and was blind to the harm that all the restriction was causing me. The moment a tragedy or turmoils happened in life, I would turn into that pained child again, reaching for food to comfort. Healing from my eating disorder was something I thought I could do on my own. My healing truly started when I admitted that I didn’t have all the answers and it’s okay to seek professional help. That’s when I found Lindsay and went through her OED 1:1 recovery coaching program.

My journey to freedom was such a ride. Working on my recovery helped me become emotionally raw so that I can fully feel again. It helped me value my spirit more than an unachievable physical appearance. Now, I am able to move my body in honor of it, not as a desperate desire to change it. I gained the ability to listen to my hunger cues and fuel not only my body but my soul too. I learned that my accomplishments can be and needed to be celebrated WITHOUT the “perfect” body. Most importantly, it helped me realize that I’m worthy and allowed to love myself as I am today.

I am passionate about this work and believe in this program because I’ve experienced the healing personally and have had the honor of seeing the transformational growth of my clients. I walk hand in hand with them through their healing and will believe in them, even in their moments of doubt. If you’re here reading this, odds are you are searching for healing yourself. Learn from my mistake, you don’t have to heal from this alone.

You can schedule your free breakthrough coaching call here and indicate that you’re interested in working with me. I would love nothing more than to connect with you and walk you through your journey to freedom.