Body Image Bundle



  • Save money on our body image tools by purchasing the Body Image Bundle!
  • Release negative body image and transition to body acceptance with this collection of meditations, journal prompts, and workbook activities


  • Body Appreciation Meditation ($20 value)
  • Nourishing My Body Meditation ($20 value)
  • 30 Days to Releasing Negative Body Image Journal Prompts ($26 value)
  • Practices to Loving and Accepting Your Body Workbook ($42 value)

If you want to tackle your negative body image and make quick progress towards accepting and loving your body, the Body Image Bundle includes everything you need to make it happen.

Start your day with one of two powerful meditations that will inspire you to appreciate your body and nourish yourself. In these 10+ minute meditations, you will start sending positive messages to your mind which will lead to choosing food that makes you feel good and coming to accept and even love your body.

Process your emotions, release negative body image, and transition to body acceptance with 30 days of journal prompts.

And finally, take action with the Body Image Workbook: Practices to Accepting and Loving Your Body. This workbook is packed with tools and strategies to help you respond to real-world situations with confidence.