Body Image Workbook: Practical Guide to Accepting and Loving Your Body (Digital)



  • 25-page workbook, designed for you to go at your own pace
  • Daily tools and practices to adopt and help you improve your body image


  • Practical step-by-step guides to various activities related to body image, journaling exercises, body image mantras, and more
  • Work through the activities as often as you need, to move from negative body image to either body acceptance and/or body positivity

Mindset work and meditation are crucial for changing your outlook and helping you get to a mental space where you can make positive changes. But what happens when you are out in the world and you encounter a challenge that brings up those old negative body image thoughts?

I created this “Body Image Workbook: Practices to Accepting and Loving Your Body” to give you a practical guide to body acceptance. While the workbook does include mantras and mindset activities, it also provides you with tools and strategies to approach real-world situations from trying on swimsuits to responding to peoples’ comments about diets or bodies.

These practices will help you navigate everything from your inner critic and diet culture, to trying on swimsuits and finding clothes that make you feel good about your body.

The digital workbook is self-guided, go at your own pace. You can focus on whatever area you feel is most important depending on the season you’re in. You can also go back and work through the activities as often as you need to continue to shift body image and release negative thoughts.

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