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Group Coaching Program: Release Anxiety and Improve Eating & Movement Habits



  • 8-week group coaching program
  • Practical strategies for reducing anxiety and improving your eating and movement habits
  • Weekly calls to provide you the motivation, roadmap and accountability to make progress quickly


  • Weekly group Zoom calls (8 total)
  • Weekly homework tailored to your specific needs

Out of stock

Interrupting your eating disorder cycle and breaking habits like bingeing and stress eating is SO freeing. However, it can also leave you feeling lots of anxiety. The emotions you used to numb with your ED behaviors are left raw and exposed. What’s left is often a boatload of anxiety.

If you have worked through some of the eating disorder habits but need help releasing your anxiety and developing new healthy behaviors, this Group Coaching Program is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Each week, I will provide you with strategies for reducing your anxiety, as well as practical tools for improving your food and movement behaviors.

This is a program designed for those who have already seen a coach, therapist or registered dietitian to work through their ED, but now need to supercharge their recovery with practical tools and accountability. This 8-week program is led by Coach Lindsay Ronga over Zoom and email in a close-knit group coaching environment.

Note: this program is offered every two months (beginning on the first Monday of the month) and will only occur in the instance of five or more signing up. In the instance the program isn’t offered, you will receive a prompt refund.