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Eating Disorder Coaching

Making peace with food and your body is not only possible, but it can happen quickly with OED Food Peace and your coach guiding the way.

How can we help?

Become a Coach

Inside OED Academy, prospective ED coaches will be trained across two major pillars: 1) how to become an outstanding coach and 2) how to create and build their business. Join a powerful community of ED Coaches and make money doing work you love!

Get ED Help

Move further, faster with an eating disorder recovery coach. In OED Food Peace, you will heal your relationship with food and eat with ease. Coaching is for people ready to say goodbye to disordered eating and all the darkness that goes with it.

Parent of child with ED

Your child is struggling with an eating disorder. You feel helpless watching them suffer and know there must be something you can do. OutshiningED coaching gives parents confidence and clarity to support their child and navigate eating disorder recovery.


About OutshiningED

OutshiningED's mission is to help as many people as possible recover from eating disorders. We accomplish that with the eight coaches on our team guiding people through OED Food Peace and by training outstanding ED Coaches to do this work inside OED Academy. OED Food Peace is designed for anyone struggling with diets, eating disorders, disordered eating or binge eating to find freedom and to make peace with food. OED Food Peace, our eating disorder recovery and food freedom coaching program will simplify your journey and provide a clear action plan.

Lindsay is a TED and NEDA Speaker, featured on the Today Show, and offers parent coaching sessions, a training program for prospective ED Coaches and eating disorder coaching through her team of eating disorder recovery coaches.