Mentors and rolemodels are paramount to ED recovery! We are creating something special at OutshiningED and are looking for ED survivors to share their story. It’s a Q&A detailing your beliefs and actions, it’s your silly or smiling face. That’s all you have to do is share. We want this to be what others see when they are looking for inspiration in their own recovery.


Rolemodels are one of the greatest resources we have available. They are already producing the results that so many in recovery strive for. At OutshiningED, we want it to be easy to find rolemodels. We want to connect those struggling with those who have MADE IT. If you are recovered AND open to having those ‘in-recovery’ follow you on social media, read posts on your own blog, or tweet at you, then I encourage you to send us a note at for details.


As I researched recovery and others’ breakthrough moments, they almost always included modeling another persons’ beliefs systems and actions. Those who have recovered weren’t smarter, weren’t stronger, and didn’t have better access to support or resources. They also didn’t recover on willpower or luck alone. They may not have known it while in recovery, but someone (an author, a teacher, a family member or friend, a therapist, a stranger on Instagram, a preacher) or something was offering a new belief system. A new way of thinking. As another’s beliefs become your beliefs, you start to shift your thoughts and your actions. You can’t change your beliefs overnight, but you can plant the seeds. We just want to plant the seeds here at OutshiningED.