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The idea of wellness recognizes that every thought and belief we have affects our motivation, focus and overall wellness.

Corporate Wellness Program

The cost of work related stress is over $300 billion, according to AIS. Stress is responsible for diminished productivity, more ‘sick’ days, increased employee turnover and higher insurance & medical costs.

Invest in a corporate wellness program that focuses on mental wellness first.

Lunch & Learn Wellness Seminar:

A 40-minute, interactive lunch & learn that focuses on three areas of wellness. This seminar gives employees an opportunity to examine and improve their daily habits, energy levels and beliefs about what they can do. Employees will leave the session equipped with new strategies. They’ll gain renewed motivation and beliefs about what they can do.

Corporate Yoga:

There are three options to introduce yoga into your workplace.

One-time, weekly or biweekly yoga classes. Lindsay offers one 60-minute class or two 30-minute classes (back to back) for your office. Offer corporate yoga at least every other week to improve focus and increase productivity. Classes are designed to give employees a burst of energy, clarity of mind and poses they can do at their desk.

On-Going Employee Coaching:

Give your employees access to one wellness coaching session per month. Lindsay troubleshoots specific challenges and works with employees to improve their mindset in the workplace.

Email Lindsay or send her an inquiry to learn more about her Monthly Wellness Employee Coaching package for the workplace.

1:1 Wellness Coaching

Individual wellness coaching is a transformative 12-week program for those who want to step into the best version of themselves.

You will build and improve your daily habits, energy, self-talk and self-care. You will create lasting wellness in all areas of your life.

Who It Is For

A mom who puts herself last after carpooling, kids, the house and her spouse. The mom who is struggling, but too scared to tell anyone.

The woman who can’t find her purpose and feels like she’s just going through the motions.

The partner who wants something more for her relationship and continue to look to her partner for fulfillment instead of herself and God.

The adult who doesn’t feel good enough and like she’ll never succeed.

Wellness coaching helps you get mentally, emotionally and physically strong. It’s not a complicated road. It does require you to commit fully to this new path of wellness. The individual wellness program will push you to show up each day in an authentic way. You’ll receive customized coaching catered to your specific challenges. You will co-create your roadmap to achieve your version of wellness and be the author of a new life story.

If you’re ready to commit apply here and schedule your FREE call below to learn more about Wellness Coaching.

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Corporate wellness program, employee coaching, corporate yoga and individual wellness coaching are available to those committed to improving their performance, behaviors and habits. Invest in the long-term productivity and wellness of your team or in yourself and schedule your wellness call.