To the Bone, Eating Disorder Movie

The majority of people haven’t yet seen this eating disorder movie, To The Bone, which highlights anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders. Opinions are strong and people haven’t seen it yet.


Could it be triggering to those with eating disorders? YES.


Also, people with eating disorders are triggered every damn day. Some triggers are blatantly put in their path (i.e. media, billboards) without consent. Is it fair? Nope. Reality? Yes.


Everyone has a CHOICE whether or not to watch this film. Since everyone is quick to share their opinion, here’s mine.


Is this eating disorder film good or bad for eating disorders?


I don’t know if this movie is a good thing or a bad thing. WHY? Because I haven’t seen it yet.


I read one article that said the eating disorder film serves as a how-to manual for people with eating disorders and those who are genetically predisposed. Let’s be real here.


If someone with an eating disorder wants a how-to manual, then sadly there is an endless amount of info online. As far as someone who is genetically predisposed? Really? I mean, really. We all know that talk of eating disorders and eating disorder awareness does not magically result in a person seeking and then acquiring an eating disorder.


This same article, written by an ED Therapist, was concerned of Lily Collins weight loss. Again, it’s no one’s business. No one knows how she did it or what was going on in her head.


The therapist says that someone with “a history of anorexia” cannot possibly lose weight in a “healthy way”. That concludes that someone who recovers from an eating disorder is never fully recovered. We know this is false.

Full recovery


Millions of people have recovered from eating disorders. They have no eating disorder thoughts or behaviors. They shouldn’t be scared they will meet the eating disorder along the way should they choose to give up meat or gluten. No way. No how.


I have talked to many eating disorder survivors who choose to be on a specific diet for a period of time, then fall off that wagon, just like the rest of the non-eating disorder population.


So, I ask you to reserve your judgements. I mean, as someone who has struggled with an ED, I hated when people judged me by the way I looked. Oh, she doesn’t look like she has an eating disorder? She looks healthy. STOP, just STOP.


Give the film, To The Bone, a chance. Don’t watch the eating disorder movie if you think it may be triggering. I am eagerly awaiting the release, hoping it depicts all types of eating disorders, and will likely post a follow up article.



I am disappointed with the eating disorder film. Overall, it actually just wasn’t a great film. The storyline was lacking and the characters weren’t as developed as I would have liked.


While it had some truths around eating disorders, I’m not sure it did the job of raising awareness or engaging an audience. Eating disorders need a better spokespeople who aren’t white, thin and able bodied.